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Industrial V-Belts | PT Australia

Industrial V-Belts

PT Australia carries one of the most comprehensive V-Belt ranges available in Australia. With over 15,000 different combination of belts carried it allows us to virtually supply any power transmission application in Australia. Carlisle V-Belts are re known for their high quality and durability. The Carlisle Industrial V-belt range includes their high quality wrapped constructions to their premier class raw edge belting constructions. They also produce specialty constructions specifically designed for those harsher applications seen in Agricultural, Mining, Quarry, Timber and Lawn and Garden Markets. So no matter if you have a light duty fan or an aggressive rock crushing application there is a Carlisle V-Belt for you.

  • The Wrapped construction V-belt is by far the most common style used in Australia today. Originally

  • Gold Ribbon Cog Belt

    The Raw Edge V-Belt is the premier choice for V-belt selection. Developed in the 1930’s as a highe

  • Gold Ribbon Cog Band Belt

    Banded belts are specifically designed for drives with long centre distances where individual belts

  • Carlisle Cottom Drive Belts

    PT Australia provides a number of specialty designed belts that are intended for specific applicatio

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